FIESA is a mega exhibition of sand sculptures that Prosandart has been doing since 2003 in Pêra, Algarve, and with each new edition dedicated to a different theme. It is considered the largest event of its kind in the world and unique in the Iberian Peninsula, because it uses forty thousand tons of sand, which are annually carved by half a hundred artists, national and international, occupying a construction area of ??15,000 m2 with sculptures That reach to the twelve meters of height. It can be visited day or night, when the sculptures are illuminated by sets of lights. The preparation of the festival takes about eight weeks. In the first phase of the construction, a group of technicians prepares the sand to be worked by the artists, watering, piling and compacting it, according to the planned scenes and a week later the sculptors who interpret the proposed themes arrive. The sculpted pieces are accompanied by explanatory texts and the exhibition is organized in thematic areas that interconnect each other, contemplating areas of sculptures dedicated exclusively to pop and rock, dance, circus, religion or children's music. In the exhibition space there are also a number of activities related to sand sculpture, such as workshops and demonstrations on the technique of sculpting, video projections, games and competitions alluding to sculptures.

files/fotos_post/es/tmp/217/fiesafestival_internacional_de_escultura_em_areia_0.jpgFiesaFestival Internacional de Escultura em Areia

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Golfe de Espiche  

Uma excelente escolha para desfrutar de algumas partidas de golf com amigos e família.<br /><br />Se decidir ficar aqui hospedado, também o poderá fazer. O Golfe de Espiche está inserido em uma Reserva Ecológica, oferecendo
uma experiencia de golfe única numa área natural deslumbrante. O
Arquitecto de Campos de Golfe Peter Sauerman desenhou este campo
integrado na sua beleza natural...

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